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Tailor Management Software

Tailor Management Software

Tailor Management System is designed for better interaction between Management, Staff and Members. Tailor Mgmt Sysem handles all the requirements for easy Tailor Management. this software will help the Tailor / Boutique Center / Clothing Alteration Center to structuralize the activities and maintain data transparecy where needed and properly store data for regular operations and future analysis.

The Institute Management Software is desktop based application, can be through single system.

Platform Edubench
6 Developed using ASP .NET 4.0, AJAX  5 Students / Parents
4 Database: MSSQL server 2008 / MS Access 3 Teachers / Class Teachers / Employees
2 Server Type: Microsoft-IIS / 7.0 1 Admin / Principal

Tailor software Comprises following modules which gives the Tailor / Boutique Center / Clothing Alteration Center of the institution Very efficient and effortless. Tailor Management software facilitates the important Functions of business such as Customer details, Workers Details, Items, Booking, Status, accounts, Reports and much more.

Customers Worker
administrationThis module allows user to maintain all the customer details.
administrationThis module allows user to administrate the complete worker / employee details....
Accounts Items
administrationComplete Account details can be maintained in this module, you can check for the particular customer account details or complete account details based on the date selection....
administrationIn this module end user can maintain all their items details....
Booking Status
administrationIn this module the end user can take the booking for the new order just by few click away....
administration In this module user can update the status of the order or can check the status of the order.....
Data Backup Reports
administrationThis software allows users to backup or restore the database on few clicks away..
administration End user can check the report of the accounts and pending works just on few clicks away....

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