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Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management System is designed for better interaction between Management, Staff and Members. Inventory Mgmt Sysem handles all the requirements for easy Inventory and POS Management. this software will help any business which handles inventory or pos to structuralize the activities and maintain data transparecy where needed and properly store data for regular operations and future analysis.

Platform POS Management System
6 Developed using ASP .NET 3.5, AJAX  5 Admin / Staff
4 Database: MSSQL server 2008 / MS Access 3 Auto SMS Integrated

POS software Comprises following modules which gives the different business system Very efficient and effortless. POS Management software facilitates the important Functions of business such as Administration, POS, SMS Automatic, Members Information, Employee, Reports and much more.

Administration POS
Accounts SMS
Inventory Return Stock
Daily Expense Reports and much more...

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